Use this coming rainy season as a brand promotion campaign

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Marketing Strategy

I was just working on my client project and suddenly raining started. I thought that how can I use this coming rainy season as a brand promotion campaign.

I guess this marketing strategy will definitely help for local businesses. Big brands are already using this idea, but local stores didn’t use this yet.

Yeah, it’s bit expensive strategy, but take my suggestion and implement this strategy, you will see the differences in your selling quantity.

Okay, let’s talk about the idea of how can we use this coming rainy season as a brand promotion campaign.

Marketing Strategy:
Have you ever seen the PayTm or other brand printed umbrella? But that umbrella is usually used for their products seller or local hawkers.

This strategy is a bit different than that.

Talk to umbrella manufacturer and manufacture 150 umbrellas or more as per your budget and requirement with your brand printed on that.

Now distribute all umbrellas in your locality. Try to spread it randomly, or you can start a little campaign to distribute them.

It’s a psychological theory that people will use free item carelessly, that means whenever they need an umbrella for local use, then they will carry your umbrella instead of their expensive one.

And, as we all know “Jo Dikhta Hain, Wahi Bikta hai.” For the whole rainy season, people will see your brand printed umbrella, and that will make a massive impact on their purchase behaviour.

If you are not able to understand what I am trying to explain to you, then please comment I will answer your queries as soon as possible.

Please share this to other business people too.

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