How Can Restaurants Sell More in This Lockdown

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In the pandemic situation, the only business is still running is the food business, but consumers are afraid to buy cook food from the restaurant. So, I am going to share a strategy that “How can restaurants sell more in this lockdown.”

This marketing strategy is not only applicable to restaurants. Vegetable sellers and grocery shop also use this strategy to increase their sell.

Not only this, they probably have lots of other question.

  • Do restaurants maintain hygiene?
  • What is the delivery boy have symptoms of the virus?
  • Is it safe to order food?

They are not wrong; actually this situation forces them to think about them.

Strategy: How can restaurants sell more in this lockdown.

The biggest concern of the consumer is trust. They are not able to trust any restaurant in this pandemic situation.

So, our task is to build the trust of our restaurant in their mind.

But how?

Use social media, YouTube and Hashtags as your weapon to win this fight.

Yes, post a small video on youtube and all available social media sites that how hygienic you and your restaurant is.

You have to show them by video, post or any medium, that-

  • How clean your restaurant is.
  • You take a safety measure to prevent viruses.
  • How regularly you clean your hands with sanitizers.

If you can build trust in their mind, then they will definitely buy food from your restraint.

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